DREAM MUSIC is a twelve-hour musical event at  Malmö Live that reflects the daily transition from morning to night, inspired by co-presenters Le Guess Who? and Basilica Hudson’s 24 HOUR DRONE concerts.


Musician and composer Nathan Larson is the primary artistic director, who among other things has made soundtracks to over 50 films, including the Oscar-winning Boys Don’t Cryand Lilya 4-ever and creates music for HBO and Netflix programmes. He is a producer, and has played in such bands as Shudder To Think and A Camp.

Karin Karlsson, head of artistic program at Malmö Live about Nathan: ”Nathan Larson is an interesting cultural personality that we have long wanted to work with. He has great musical knowledge and a network that extends far beyond the borders of our country. In addition, he writes books and runs his own podcast TONEDEAF, including addressing issues of gender and race.


Drone is a musical form that orbits around a persistent, hypnotic tone, channeling something powerful, primal and sensuous. The genre is global, to be found in the indigenous music of all cultures, and has made its way into everything from metal + experimental rock, to pop, electronic and symphonic music. For more information, see the ”about” section.